Donation? Delta AP400 Dust Collector


I have a friend that will donate a Delta AP400 Dust Collector to DMS if it would be useful and he can get a tax receipt. It looks to be in like new condition and the hose is probably 10’.

If DMS is not interested and you would like to buy it, PM me and I will respond with his email.


Need to return Delta Table Saw, sander and dust collector

No problem on the tax receipt if wood Shop wants it.



Does this look like something woodshop wants?


This model is a 1 HP/650CFM unit. The larger power tools, e.g. jointer, planer, table saw are speced at 800+ CFM, individually.

This unit could be used for smaller items, e.g. one of the motorized sanding tools, the downdraft table, etc., but any potential use/benefit probably needs to be offset with the room it would take up as well as it being one more thing of dust that would have to be monitored and emptied on a regular basis.

It also has only 3.1 out of 5 stars over 52 customers on Amazon, for whatever that’s worth:


Perhaps one/both of the smaller Jet lathes?


I would advise against.


I think adding more hobby quality dust collectors to the wood shop is a bad idea. This is not the right collector for us. We need professional systems at this point with auto gates, auto filter cleaning, alarms and possibly built in fire suppression. I think DMS should set aside $15k to upgrade the system to meet our needs. I have been part of other shops where multiple people used the shop and we paid cleaners to wipe/vacuum the room monthly. Even with members cleaning after themselves settled dust over time adds up. Something like these which also have noise suppression.


4000 cfm won’t cover all the tools on the floor. I really like that system though.


I agree with this assessment. Given our current lack of “empty when full” attitude the more robust and professional the system the safer it will be in the woodshop. We probably have the financial resources to upgrade so we should give it serious consideration.

I’m for banning repeat offenders, too. We especially need to get rid of the “don’t give a f#$k people”. They can be contagious.


Since this unit does not seem to fit a need, I am closing out the offer.


How much is your friend asking for it to sell it?


I sent you a PM with his email.


A rep from Felder met with me at DMS today. I am looking at their RL350 unit. Should have a quote by tomorrow.


Woah. That’s badass. We should get the briquette attachment so we can give away DMS fire starter bricks.


If we get it, we should sell, not give away…


A quote for a undersized unit for the tools we have.


The rep said that the RL350 unit would able to run the whole shop and filter our air. @MathewBusby I’d be happy to put you in touch with him to discuss in more detail if you’d like.


But what about future potential add on’s? The spec I could find on the unit was 4090 CFM normal flow with a max of 4708.


Here is what I estimate the dust collection demands to be:

Powermatic 1285 Jointer          6 1000
Powermatic 209HH Planer          6 1000
SawStop ICS73230-52              4  350
Delta Cabinet Saw                4  350
Powermatic PM2244 Drum Sander    4  800
Jet Edge Sander                  4  350
Bandsaw                          2  100
Bandsaw                          2  100
Bandsaw                          4  400
Belt/disc Sander                 4  350
Chop Saw?                        3  200
Incra Router Table               3  200
Oscillating Spindle Sander       3  200
Lathe collection hood            4  400
Lathe collection hood            4  400
Lathe collection hood            4  400
Lathe collection hood            4  400
 	                      Total    7000

He wants to sell you a $10,000 dust collector.

edit: to clarify, above is the dust port size in inches and manufacturer recommended dust collection demand where I could find it.

Woodshop Dust Collection

I don’t think you can design a system with the intent of every gate being open all the time. We need automatic gates that open and close with the tools so an outdoor unit is not necessary.