Donate to Children's Health Hospital for Halloween

Hello DMS!

Children’s is running a 10-for-10 campaign this month in partnership with Spirit Halloween. There are 2 ways to donate to this campaign, you can donate costumes directly to Children’s, or you can use a 10% off coupon that also donates 10% of your order total to Children’s!

You can learn more about the campaign and how to donate here
Or download the coupon directly from here.

I recently reached out to see if hand made costumes are allowed, and will comment back here as soon as I know. Costume donations are needed by October 19th, 2021!


Thank you, @aswigert! You can also donate at the cash register without a coupon.


I heard back from Children’s and handmade costumes are not allowed, they are asking only for brand new in the packaging costumes.


Minor rant alert: That figures. More and more charity doesn’t want you spending your time in a way that they can’t control. So if all you’ve got is your own time, they don’t want your effort. Granted, it probably saves them volunteer time by not having to handle more random stuff which may or may not be suitable for their purpose.

In a only-quasi-related note, the charities that only want new clothes to give to poor people peeved me. But then, at that time I hadn’t thought of myself as poor. Most of my good clothes are second-hand, and I’d be happy to pass on stuff that was still gently worn…