Domino Tenon Stock

Howdy Woodshed friends. Last time I was in the shop to build a bed, I noticed we had a limited selection of Domino Tenons on hand.

Is there a process to request or order more? Specially some of the larger sizes like 14mm. I’m still fairly new to the makerspace so I don’t have a feel for how often things like that are replenished.

I can always order my own box but I rarely need that many for a full project.

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@IanLee do you happen to order any of the larger ones? What lengths should be stocked, etc?

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I haven’t historically stocked the large ones like that because they rarely get used. Also, they can be purchased from Amazon/ Rockler in low enough quantities that it’s tenable for individual members to buy their own.

Speaking from a practical side, You’d need to be putting something into 1.75”+ thick wood for that width of domino to work like intended. You could substitute 2x 6mm stacked on top of each other or even 2x 8mm dominos in 2” and have the same floating tenon effect. Four eyes furniture on YouTube demonstrates this technique in a lot of their videos on furniture making.

If you’re looking for the depth of cut, that’s a different problem, and there’s probably not a good substitute other than buying the larger ones.

As an alternative, if you only need a couple, those are large enough that you could make them on the router table fairly easily.


Thanks for the reply. No worries, I’ll either make my own or pick some up at Rockler.

I’m making a Queen bed with some pretty beefy white oak so they’ll be appropriate for this task!

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In that case, have you considered knockdown hardware?

Festool 203420 Domino Connector Corner Set EV/32-Set (32-Pack)


FarBoat 4Sets Bed Hinges Bed Rail Brackets 3.1" Double Hooks Heavy Duty Iron Replacement Part for Bed Frames Headboard Footboard with Screws(80mm/3.1inch)

Yes indeed, I am planning to use that hardware for the rail to bed post joint!

Will still need some traditional dominoes too though for the footboard and headboard construction.

Going to be a big build, hope I survive :joy:

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How many of the Festool anchor bolts are you planning to use? 2 per rail end == 4 per rail; 2 rails == 8 total?

Just one per rail end. I’ve done that on a queen bed in the past with success. Using 2 additional dominoes on each rail end glued into the rail for strength and support

Very similar setup to this