Does MS have a big printer?

Hi, wasn’t sure where to ask this, but was wondering if we have large scale printers/how big can we go/do we need a class to use?


We’ve got a large format printer in the Pillar Room. I know that it’s old and finicky. @jsnowfreedman is the current contact about what it can do, and what we let you do with it.

Thank you so much @dryad2b ! Will reach out to him directly.

To touch on this a bit…does it print in color?

If I aquire some glossy poster paper, could it be used?

It does print in color. You’d have to talk to Josh about the paper, though. I think the prints on the top of Lost and Found are on our standard paper?

Hi, we do have a large format printer. It can print up to 42 in pretty easily.

It is a 6 ink machine, so can do fairly accurate full color.

We have some paper here, most of the remaining stuff is a slightly yellow tinted glossy / photo paper.

I can easily get you signed off on using the printer, but things like paper changing and ink replacement/stuff is a separate more detailed signoff (although much easier if you’ve dealt with LFPs in the past.)

If you have any other questions you can reach me here, or on discord at jsnowfreedman (Discord in theory)

I only ask because I’m trying to renovate some furniture and there’s a few things I would like to do a decoupage with and then seal (I know that modpodge seals, but I want more, lol) with a thin, 1/16 or 1/8 in thick coating of epoxy resin.

I know that the Mod Podge that I’ve got is glossy and of course you can polish the resin to a glossy, but I don’t know if the printed medium also has to be glossy or not.

Kind of a new thing for me…

Also yes, it could be used. Especially if it’s a standard size like 12, l 24-in, or 36, 42 etc wide.

The problem I had with ModgePodge is that it never truly cures. Texas summer weather makes it a bit sticky. Probably fine if it’s a plaque that just hangs on a wall. Possibly tricky if anything is touching it.

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We use water based clear polyurethane that’s meant for hardwood floors. Once it cures in a couple days you can literally walk all over it.