Does anyone want an old bicycle chain (TAKEN)

Does anyone want an old bicycle chain or is it best to throw it away?

@Team_Metal_Shop @Team_Blacksmithing

There are some people (not here) that I’d like to strangle with an old bicycle chain. If you could wipe it down thoroughly, spray with bleach followed by acetone and then place in an unmarked box out back that would be great.


Done and done Happy strangling

I would like your old chains

Cool I only have one but it is yours. Is there a place at the space I can leave it for you, or a time we could meet. I have a pretty open schedule.

I’ll be in Saturday afternoon, could hang it on the tall wire rack.

You have a list as well?

What will you do with the chain if not used for cleansing the gene pool?

I hadn’t thought about using a bicycle chain - or any other chain. For that matter all the German engines that I have had used double row chains other than the oil pump.

I save chains for when I need to make something out of a chain. I made some earings one year for biking buddy Christmas party spouses. Cabinet handles for a friends garage. I need a few more for a future idea.

Where is the wire rack? In the metal shop?

Big shelf next to the oven

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On the next episode of CSI: Carrollton

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