Does anyone know where additional transfer paper is for vinyl?

We have about 4 inches left and I would assume there’s some more somewhere?

@edenblue did we find some or do we need to buy more?

I could not find any anywhere. We need more.

Ok. Its on the list.

Please order the clear (no grid) vinyl. It has higher tack and thus sticks better to the vinyl. A narrow 6"-8" and wider 10"-12" are good to have.

We also need a few more colors. I’ll be there in the afternoon and see which we need to restock.

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Where do we typically order vinyl from?

GSG in Addison. They deliver for just $5 2x a day. We have a non-profit account setup with them. I will pm you the customer number to share with Stan or any other purchasing officer.


@BarkingChicken @Edenblue White vinyl is needed. Space was out as of 24 hours ago


Did this ever get ordered? I was here on 5/12 to cut some vinyl but cannot find any transfer paper.

I believe we had some transfer paper when I was there on thursday evening. Actually, a guy came up to me and asked “is this transfer paper?” I looked at it and I believe it was. It was the opaque paper type.

Then I stopped paying attention, but 10 minutes later when I needed the transfer paper, it had walked away. I guess that guy grabbed the roll? You could look at the cameras on thursday around 630-7 and see me cutting vinyl and wandering around looking for transfer paper.

Thanks for reporting that.

Working on it. GSG is closed today, but I’ll call and make an order tomorrow.

Look for Frisco Craft which appears on Amazon and Walmart.

I make an order today, it should be here soon.

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Thank you Shay. I ended up going there and buying a roll since I had to get a sign made yesterday. Not sure what I’ll do with the rest of it. I feel like I’m set for life on transfer paper now. :slight_smile:

If you still have the receipt you could get it reimbursed by DMS.

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Transfer paper and more vinyl came in today.


@talkers where did the transfer paper go? @Lordrook couldn’t find it.

specifically I looked yesterday. Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

There should be two different rolls, an 8" and a 12"

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