Does anyone know what happened to Elroy? Mystery Solved! 2022/09/09

Elroy is one of the Jet 1221 lathes.

Control Potentiometer is missing or has fallen into the control box. The knob is there but what the knob attaches to is not there.

Anyone know how this happened? Will it be returned, has one been ordered or do we need to order a new one?

Elroy was healthy, happy, and complete as of Saturday at the lathe basics class. Sounds like we need a new assembly.

Also, the one with the caster wheels by the multicam (I forget the name) is having an issue right now. The tailstock handwheel is frozen and not adjustable anymore.

I will assess both lathes this week. If we have the parts I will fix or I’ll send a list of parts to Ian to order.

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Mystery solved. The nut holding the potentiometer to the case fell off and the Potentiometer dropped into the control box. Fortunately, I found the nut and washer. Had to drop the control box to fix it - Elroy is up and running!

I also fixed the tailstock on the fourth lathe - it was stuck - the threads were dirty - cleaned it up and put it back together.

I looked over the lathes, checked the belts, checked how the tailstock and spindle match up (all are within 1 mm of perfect alignment), checked locking mechanisms and a few other things. All are in good shape (for now).

If you see/have an issue with any lathe - please post the issue on TALK.



Thank you for all the effort!

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