Do you really know what's going on?

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1- bill gates has suggested that we are growing too fast as a population but if we educate, vaccinate, and provide birth control to the poor around the world we would slow the birth rate considerably.

2- no he wasn’t. This is an old false claim. 7 girls died in unrelated accidents and the foundation opted to stop a HPV trial because of the local controversy surrounding the girls’ deaths.

3 - this and point 1 are based off taking specific sentences in a TED talk that bill gates gave in 2014 out of context.

Moreover, these are all bullshit damaging conspiracy theories that were started and propagated by the kremlin.

Bill Gates does some of //the most// important work for helping mankind around the world today. The fact that other countries dis-information regimes are propagating myths about the most helpful and scientifically guided benefactors of mankind right now, and that people believe the bullshit they read on Facebook and hear on Fox is absolutely crazy.

When do we get America back? When 1/2 the population realizes they’ve been pushed into far-right nationalist extremism by a carefully crafted dis-information campaign run by Russia and China that specifically seeks to sow chaos and discord through our social media and news outlets.


So are we really gonna do the culture wars here on the DMS forums? I joined for cool tools and skills, not to hear the same biased drivel I have to listen to at work all day long.


I ignored the content as soon as I saw who Tucker’s picture.


You certainly have the option to not participate in the discussion.

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Also, if you find a particular user doesn’t contribute much that helps you, you can ignore them.

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(Please note: I am NOT advocating ignoring/muting/etc. anyone; however, there is an alternate method by which this action may be taken of which I wish to inform anyone who has determined they wish to undertake this course of action)

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hide them from YOUR profile by:

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Fact Check: ~500 annual meningitis deaths in US (all ages).

694 COVID-19 deaths in the 15-24 age groups.

Conclusion: more COVID deaths than meningitis deaths in college age population.


Say it like it is, Tuck!

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To be fair, there are no cool tools on Talk and if you were up at the space using the ones there, you wouldn’t be here to listen to political bullshit.


Thank you for this.

Could not have said it better!

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This is Buckley’s shocked face.

I’m sorry, I don’t see where you find that number in the charts you reference. The strictly covid deaths for that age group is 300. Even the pneumonia, influenza and covid death combination is “only” 636. Can’t see where you got the additional 58 deaths you reference. The data appears to be from the CDC website and the number for 0 - 24 age group is 357; Still 301 deaths off the 694 you’ve cited. Not sure where the error is in all that but if its a fact check then the facts need to be obvious and I just don’t see that 694 number. Just saying.