Do We Want a Fanless PC Donation for Woodshop

Do we want a brand new fanless PC for the Multicam?

It’s an Intel NUC in a custom heatsink case. 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD. I forget which processor but it’s not super high-end. It might even be an Atom running CentOS.

Open to other uses, but would prefer it help the Multicam if possible.



It wouldn’t prevent the problems that occured recently with the multicam; the process crashed, and it doesn’t run as a service which means the software doesn’t have a watchdog. No one told infrastructure it needed to be restarted.

Even if this were deployed, it would still need a locking enclosure due to the licensing dongle which would make fanless problematic since it wouldnt dissipate heat the same way as open air.

Thinks it’s a great idea. Mitch bought a Win stick for that purpose but it got squashed.

Not talking about the PC that runs the software for the Multicam. I mean replacing the shitty RDP Pi that’s right there next to it.

As the guy who spoke to mitch about this, it wasn’t squashed, it was that hardware cannot be installed without involving the appropriate parties. In fact, I told Mitch that we would be happy to support his experiment but we needed to be kept in the loop.

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Ah, in that case whilst I think it’s overkill i’m up for trying it. We can get it setup on the domain etc if it gets used

Cool. Poor choice of words on my part.
What needs to be done to get this implemented? Who are the appropriate people to involve? Thanks for your help.

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I’m going to take an authoritative answer from @yashsedai on this. Do you think it can benefit woodshop and in particular, the Multicam? If so I will drop it by. If you need more information on specs I can find those tomorrow (by opening the case and looking).

Note that if it’s not useful to woodshop I will still donate it but I will want a discussion first.