Do we use Sawgrass CreativeStudio?

Do we use Sawgrass creativestudio?

This notice came in.


@CaryF300 Since the only sawgrass I’m familiar with is the dye sub printer.

I think @CaryF300 talked about this briefly during our Committee meeting last week. We all agreed we didn’t want to do any software upgrading on the old computers.

So - ETA on the change-out from crappy old systems to groovy new ones? Do we need to start a list of needed software vs. crap people installed but is never used? (I was kind of amazed to find THREE DESKTOP SCREEN-FULS of icons on the vinyl system. Ack!

The new workstations are ready as soon as CA can get the software requirements in order. They’re just sitting waiting for install

EDIT: They’ve been there since March

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I will alert the media.

I mean, the people that actually know stuff about the peripherals that will connect.


No, it doesn’t work well in a multi-user environment.

The new software that we will be using is the Virtuoso Print Manager. The only other software we need on the new dye sub machine is Adobe Acrobat Reader. I’ll get the VPM downloaded and put it on the committee drive.