Do we still have nickle strips

Do we still have any of the nickle strips used to weld lithium batteries together? If so, where do they reside? Thanks.

They should be in the black rolling cabinet. Please put a few dollars in the donation box if you use some.

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I had looked for them a few weeks ago but couldn’t find them. If they show up post where they are, I have two battery packs I want to try rebuilding but haven’t gotten around to ordering parts yet.

The roll of nickel usually is in the bottom drawer of the black toolbox. Last time I saw it it was unrolling pretty bad. Maybe someone tossed it.

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Well, the roll of nickle DOES still exist and seems to be in good shape. It IS in the black toolbox but has been move to the shallow KNIVES drawer near the middle of the box.


Thank you @brdunn!

I straightened out the rats nest of the nickel roll about a year ago.

Kindly unroll what you need from the INSIDE, not the OUTSIDE of the roll, and it should stay in good shape!

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And a thank to @Russell_Crow as well.

Some day I need to finish the pinch style hand piece for the spot welder. I wanted to do wire to wire welding to make LED structures.