Do we still have blades for cutting plastic on the table saws


I think I remember table saw blades for cutting plastic in the woodshop. Do we allow cutting plastic on the table saws? Does anyone know where the blades for cutting plastic are?


Blade is locked in the cabinet

Yes you can cut plastic in the workshop until the plastic sig is up and running

Now if you cut plastic on a table saw, don’t run dust collector and when done vacuum out the saw


Mike, PIG-SIG isn’t going to affect our ability to cut plastic on the Multicam, is it?

@shoottx where would I attain the key or gain access to the cabinet?

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Once set up we’ve got a smaller Cnc which will just give you the option for working on smaller parts and sheets

Code for the box on top of cabinet

Box has door key

Blade is in cardboard on top shelf labeled

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Please keep in mind the plastics sig is intended to be supplementary to the other committees capabilities not a replacement. Specifically it will be more focused on capabilities specific to plastics that the other committees do not provide (such as forming tools for plastics).

The sig area itself will not have enough room nor funds to replace all the of the cutting capabilities that are available around makerspace.

I would ask that committee chairs take this into consideration and continue to support plastics as I would prefer to the plastics sig be used to add capability to makerspace versus duplicating capability.



Not sure of the Plastic sig capability, and since it is still in que for expansion, nothing changes in the short run. Once Pig-Sig is up and running we can see what needs to be supported and what we shouldn’t.

Nothing to be concerned about now.

Cool thank you.