Do we need to take class to use hot air station?

I want to replace a connector on a logic board, Do I need to take a class to use hot air station?


I dunno – @Team_Electronics? Yikes! 19 people!

1 Like You can look up the tool you want to use on this page in the wiki. If there isn’t a class requirement you should be free to use the tool as long as you know how to use it, or watched a video on it or something. From what I can tell, it doesn’t look like you need a class for the hot air station

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No class / certification required. Might want to find junk brd to experiment on before working on the real thing.


This ^^^^

There’s a trade-off between heat and airflow. Not enough air and you don’t get the heat to the part. Too much and you blow the part away. Not enough heat and it’ll take far too long to melt the solder and you’ll cook your part. Too much and you’ll scorch the board.

~650F or 340C is optimal for leaded… Unleaded? I’ll have to defer to someone else as I haven’t worked with that.

Thank you all, This is really helpful info