Do we need another CNC?

I have a lead on a Cincinnati Arrow 500 CNC that needs a control retrofit but would be free if we can arrange to move it. A quick google search will tell you it’s similar to the HAAS. I believe it’s in the lower greenville area. would that be something the DMS would be interested in? If not the DMS, maybe a member would like to have it? let me know if there’s any interest.


Firstly I think having a CNC that is not the HAAS would be a good thing for DMS because we could choose to let people learn more hands on on a “baby” HAAS like device as part of the training for the HAAS. So I would say yes we’re interested.

Secondly having one at my house would be amazing so yes I’m interested as well.

Edit: Not to say your offer isn’t as good as our HAAS but to say that having a CNC for more hands on learning and a different CNC for more you know what you are doing and probably won’t tear it up would be nice is what I’m trying to say. It would let us have a graduated training option instead of our all or nothing approval with the current big boy CNC.


another group project? Might as well just put a pile of bricks in the space where it will go for multiple years.

BTW - Cincinnati is good 'ol American iron. In otherwords - HEAVY!
The last Cincinnati CNC lathe I saw was 20,000 lbs.

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My apologies for not getting back to you David. MY personal opinion is to pass. Its not that I don’t appreciate the donation. The rigging cost just to get it here would probably be 3k(my guesstimate). Then from what I’ve read, the parts are expensive & hard to come by.

I will be bringing this as well as future wish list items in the meeting on Saturday.

Here is a link to a couple spots I was reading

4 big minuses

  1. Cincinnati is no more and support is really expensive.
  2. Some parts like drives are specific for that particular machine, so buying spares on e-bay my be just a vaste of money
  3. Very bad flatness along the X. The X linear rails on that machine are on top of the guides (like on a knee mill) When table moves along the X, center of mass is shifting causing table to rock…i am effin serious…in my case was around Z would wander 20thou… yes 0.020"!!!
    4)Rigidity is not good. The frame is fabricated out of steel sheets and welded together. Column is simply bolted to the bed.
    5)Depending on what spindle is in there… if its pre-greased for life. then the life itself is about 10000 hours for brand new until it seizes up.

I think we would be better off getting a Syil X5 or Tormach 440 as a secondary machine for training.


Hello David,
As a result of Saturday’s meeting, we decided not to accept it.


cool deal, just thought I’d mention it. thanks for letting me know. :smile_cat:


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