Do we need a 2nd Bridgeport?


If so, the one in this listing might still be available. No pics or pricing, however.


Yep, it was discussed in the last meeting. I actually saw that post the other day.


@JRay … do we need the “GREENHECK CUBE-141HP-3 EXAUST FAN SYSTEM” ?


I would take it if he gave it away, but otherwise I don’t think it’s particularly special. It’s a 1/3 hp.


It appears to be 3HP. This one appears to be comparable.


I will inquire about it Monday. thank you.


I think the 3hp is a misprint. They don’t make a 141 in 3hp. It’s rated at about 2200 cfm at 0 inches & 1080 cfm @1


What Tim said.