Do we have wire that i can use for a project

After taking the Arduino classes hosted by Brady, I want to make a moving sign to display text. I know we have “some” supplies that can be used by projects, but do we have 18 gauge wire that i can use to connect one end of one string to another for the “data” wire? I need about 1 yards of it for a “test” project. @artg_dms

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It’s always been my understanding that members may use reasonable quantities of Electronics components and consumables for personal projects. I’ve always treated the inventory as being for finishing, i.e. I build a harness a few years back out of 10ga wire, sockets, pins, etc that I supplied, using solder and shrink out of electronics stock.

Art can speak to this with greater authority, however.

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I’m sure a few yards would not be a problem if needed for a personal project if we have it. You can always put some cash in the box if you think you are pushing the limits.

Its great to hear you are duplicating my favorite recent project. 18 gauge sounds very heavy for any reasonable sign. The 5 volt and ground wires carry the load while data carries a trivial current. I have not done the calculation but my 24" sign displaying single color text at 25% (0x40) requires about 500mA. Each pixel contains 3 LEDs and could require 60mA if all are on full brightness. Clearly the current increases rapidly in longer and more demanding applications.

@Dale_Wheat and I have been working on the program to add options and make it very easy to use. In about a month I will post a Talk topic with a link to the program. If you need a pre-release, let me know.

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There are spools of wire in ELab for project use. Not sure if there’s specifically 18 gauge, but I’m sure there is something that will work. Have fun!

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while we are on the subject. I have a brand new row of 10 hdmi port components that i could donate. where is an appropriate place to deposit such a donation?
and does electronics have mini usb component ports?

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Could you be more specific?
Components as in hardware - as in connectors, cables, etc?

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i realize my wording could have been taken different ways
these things, i have a row of 10 brand new ones if anyone wants a donation just lemme know where to leave them for you

Wondering if you guys had any of these in stock

I think there’s a spool of usb connectors. Not sure of the size.
It’s in a black angle cut box along w/ spools of smd parts.
It’s most likely sitting on top of one of the shelves or cabinets.

We’ll accept the hdmi connectors.
Bag’em and label the type if you know it.