Do we have the tool to remove this?

I bought this valve for an experiment. Does DMS have a tool to remove these 5-point screws?
20190418_211445 20190418_213008

Thanks in advance

These are security screws/bolts. The space doesn’t have a set to immediately remove them. In the past, I have purchased a tool that was similar, and then modified it to fit. If destruction of the bolt isn’t important, you can always drill the head off.

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Thank you @jottwell I’ll go the route you recommend and drill the head off.

It’s called a pentalobe screw. I’ve only ever seen tiny versions. That one looks pretty big…

In the automotive realm they might be called something else (so says Google).


Turner’s Hardware used to sell the 5pt torx screwdriver bits, don’t know if any are left in the store after westlake bought them out though.

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Automotive does not have that tool.

However - I have one of those defective spool valves in the event you’d like a 2nd one to play with.

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Sure! I’ll take the valve. When would be a good time to meet you at DMS? I work less than 15 minutes from DMS so at lunch or after 5 pm works well for me.