Do we have paddles?

Does ceramics have paddles? I can cut some on the multicam before the slab class I want to do but I wasn’t sure if I’d lost them

I think I’ve seen one but not sure what shape it’s in. Fabulous idea to get some made :grinning:

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Not awesome lol and ideally for hand building you want no more than 2 people sharing it. You guys chat and lemme know. I have not priced out the difference between good wood vs. just buying them from a supplier and using institutional discounts. If the committee has interest in keeping some stocked it would make more sense to have them be nice instead of scrap wood

What are they? Maybe people bring their own, maybe it could be a class, either to make them or use them.

I don’t like the rope ones and do not keep them in my classroom but the wood ones are pretty critical to slab and coil hand building. A class to make the nice ones would be a good idea and I’d offer to do so, but I’m not certain I’m signed off on the woodshop tools anymore.

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I googled a few videos on how to use the paddles. It would be awesome if we had one or a few.

Once we have a committee decision on either getting good ones or using scrap I’ll put some hand building classes up

@brendamvilla your thoughts on paddles for slab building classes? I know that tools seem to disappear frequently but I’m in favor of a couple of paddles for a class. Maybe we can create a locked teachers cabinet so we have good tools for classes?

@MrsMoose it would be fabulous if we could make them with scraps in the wood shop

I’m keeping an eye out for pieces of reasonable size to appear

Yes, I agree. I’m all for a variety of classes!

hmmm … why did I think of these?

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Better than these:

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