Do we have metal saw?

I want to cut metal bars in 45 angle degrees. I used yesterday this big cutting machine with the metal strap but the cuts are not even. Do we have a metal saw like the one in woodshop?

We do. Check out the category for “saws” under the list of tools for the machine shop:


The horizontal bandsaw in metal needs a little love.

There are a few other options around the space:

  • cold cut saw in machine shop (5-10 minute spot train)
  • soft metal saw in machine shop (just for aluminum; usually done in the same spot train as the cold cut)
  • the vertical bandsaw in machine shop (training not required yet)
  • the portaband in metal shop (located in the front cabinet. If you don’t have the code PM me)
  • bring a cutoff wheel and use a grinder

We used to have a chop saw in metal shop, but it caused a lot of problems. When used with ablative wheels members would do reckless things like bring it down to fast and shatter the wheels at speed or leave a damaged cracked/chipped blade on the unit without telling anyone, and with the diamond wheels we were eating new blades once-twice a week because of abuse bending them. Given all the other cutting implements around the space it wasn’t really required, so when it finally failed after someone broke the gear drive we didn’t bother to replace it.


Found the key box thanks. Am I able to get training for the cold cut saw you mentioned? I think it would be the best tool for completing my task

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Lots of people can usually show you. If you catch me or someone else from @Team_Machine_Shop at the space we’re often able to accommodate.


Okay thank you!

I’ll be available after the board meeting.

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What time is the meeting?

So the meeting was last night. I saw him wandering around a bit earlier. Want me to track him down? Or do you want to arrange something some other time?

I see you found them.


Yes i found them. Thank you

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