Do we have any 28pin eeproms?

Is anyone aware of they’re being 28pin eeproms in a box somewhere?

I sure do miss Tanners.

What exact EEPROM are you looking for?

I’m flexible on the size eprom could also work.


You might try BGMicro, they bought a lot of Tanner’s stock, or @Raymond as I’m pretty sure he has some.

I probably have one or more of these. Let me check my stock.

Edit: I just noticed that you specified an EEPROM part. I have both 25C and 27C UV-erasable EPROMs that I can see right now. Not sure if I have what you want. What is your intended application?

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I have about 40,000 EPROMs… but only a handful of EEPROMs. :wink:

I have a small number of 28C256 I bought off eBay for a single board Z80 project.

I may have some 28C64 pulls that I can spare. I’ll have to dig.