Do we have a Zipper foot for the Janomes?


Do we have a zipper foot for the Janome’s anywhere? If not, does anyone know of a place where I can buy one in person so I don’t have to wait for shipping?


We might have one, but I am not sure. Check JoAnne’s website to see if they carry one that fits the Janomes. There’s a store on Round Grove (??) in Lewisville if they do. I’d call to check on stock…


In my experience, a branded foot may not fit every machine in that particular brand. For example, the feet that fit my 1990’s-era Pfaffs would not work on a 2018 pfaff machine.

If you would like to acquire your own zipper foot, get the model name and/or number of the janome machine(s) at DMS you plan to use, then use the Janome website to locate a dealer close to you.
Then call to see if a foot appropriate for the machine is available.
That said, the online sources may be cheaper even with shipping added to the cost.

Sometimes, there are generic feet that can be used on multiple machines, but they involve terms like high shank, low shank, slant needle, blah-blah-blah. And usually involve dismantling the foot assembly to attach the generic foot once you’ve identified the appropriate one. Not my idea of a good time…

If you’re simply not yet familiar with sewing feet to identify a zipper foot in the usual box o’stuff each machine has, it is usually the smallest, without a hole or gap in the middle to accommodate the needle. The idea is that the foot runs to the side of the needle, helping to hold the zipper tape and fabric down, yet still be able to get close to the zipper teeth.


@matthshooter check up and you might want to discuss what type of feet we want to have available also how to store them.


I am planning to buy one for each machine. When I teach the Zipper Pouch class, every machine is going to need one. I should work on that soon-ish… I’m thinking that they should be marked, and go in the individual Numbered Machine Boxes.


Thanks for the tip about Janome’s website, that led me right to a dinky little sewing shop in Grapevine that had exactly what I needed.

The shipping wasn’t so much about the cost but the timing - I’m on a tight deadline and didn’t want to wait for Amazon.


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