Do we have a mug jig (idk if that's what this is called) for the lathe?

I saw this thing on a YouTube video about making a mug on a lathe and was wondering if we have something like this available at the space?

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The common/generally accepted name for these is “steady rest”, if that helps your online searching.


do you know if we happen to have one?

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I am pretty sure we did at one point, but that was a few years back and it’s anyone’s guess if it is still around and functional.

@dwolf is a pretty darn good anyone, in my opinion.

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There was one for the One Way sitting behind the oneway a few weeks ago - don’t know if it is still there. I think it is Jimmy’s and he lends it out once in a while (I believe).

I made one out of oak and baltic birch for my Jet 1221 at home - they are not hard to make. If anyone wants to copy or borrow mine, let me know (but it only works on a Jet 1221). It is stiff enough to hollow out a 12 to 15" vase. Works well. But I think the minimum diameter for the work to be held is 1 or 1.5".

There was a turner last spring that brought his own steady rest in for a few weeks. Forgot his name. Haven’t seen him in 3 months.

Other than that I haven’t seen any others in the last 5 years.


I think you’re talking about Bill Essex @bessex? who leaves Texas in the summertime to escape the heat. It’s under 100 degrees each day now, so he should be back soon.


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Yes, that’s the guy.

Also I saw the steady rest for the Oneway today, still behind the one way lathe.