Do we generally prefer requests or donations for misc supplies?

I have noticed a few things that appear to be in short supply across the facility. Namely sharpies, superglue, and acetone plus a few others that I can’t remember right now. I did manage to borrow (and return) all of these things from various departments, but sharpies and glue feel pretty widely useful across most departments.

I would be happy to pick up more than I need and donate the rest if that would be useful, but I also don’t want to mess with inventory.

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Inventory? Surely you jest! Sharpies are no longer supplied, so if you want to donate some, that’d be great. You might check with the committees that you found the superglue and acetone to see what they need. They might love some donations, or they would appreciate the notice that they need something. That’s the way I run Creative Arts – people tell me what I’m out of so that I can order more. But I don’t stock superglue or acetone. Or sharpies.

DMS always walks that fine line between seeing that some things are around, but we don’t really provide supplies in general, at least not ones that folks can’t/won’t pay for. As an example, CA supplies vinyl for the vinyl cutter, but people are expected to pay for what they use. It saves them from having to buy a roll, but we would like reimbursement, thankyouverymuch. A splash of acetone is hard to quantify…

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Eh. It was worth a shot. I’ll get a mental inventory going sooner or later.

All right then, I don’t mind picking up a big box of sharpies. And maybe glue. Those are good general use items that I’m sure people would appreciate having around

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I tend to bring stuff in when I get extras. Mostly it goes to Machine Shop but I do give some stuff to the general work area/logistics at times. Just trying to ease the burden on others if I can. That’s the way this place works, without each other we would not have the place we have.


Oh, and on superglue – look for the individual mini-tubes. Superglue dries really quickly from opening. I recently picked up a couple of packs of mini’s from Dollar (and a quarter) Tree the other day.

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This is not only practical from an aging perspective but it helps manage usage so that someone else also gets some. CA glue is a wonderful finish for that large wooden bowl being turned on the lathe. Problem is that someone using it as a wood finish will consume an entire bottle, which isn’t really the intent.

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You forgot blue tape :smiley:



Blue tape was one of those things i mentioned in the first post. I didn’t forget it, i just forgot that i remembered it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Boo Tape
What width and how much?

I actually have about five or six rolls of blue tape that I can bring down today. I’m not using them.
I actually don’t remember why I bought that much

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@dryad2b Got a present for you. I left the superglue in the glue bin. Woodshop is welcome to it I GUESS.

I just kind of sprinkled the Sharpies and blue tape throughout the building like confetti. So people should be more likely to run across one now


Just a recommendation (if not already moot) : labeling/marking the tape rolls and sharpies as “DMS” so the membership knows they’re not someone’s personal supply.

I know that when I’m in need of something like those, and didn’t bring it with me, I’d be much more comfortable using one I know is for 'Space use than trying to find the owner of an unlabeled roll to ask if I can borrow some.


Well, the blue tape appears to have vaporized as far as I can tell, but I will keep that in mind for the future. I’m not sure how feasible it is to write DMS in Sharpie on every Sharpie. :grin:

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Yes. This is what blue tape does @ DMS. As do paper towel and other “consumables”; we are voracious!

That might be a time to pick a/some committee(s) and use the paint marker system to hit the tailend with the chosen hue:

Just…um…don’t use spray paint, since that’s not allowed…

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Usually just nail polish or paint pen to put a stripe.

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Plasti-Dip it is, then! :grin:

Of course, we could always get Sharpies in the ink color of the departments themselves, and thus the caps would have the correct color already… Lol

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