Do we/Does anyone have an elephant slip cast mold I could use/borrow?


One of my friends love elephants so, in an effort to get a bit ahead for Christmas, I was thinking making her a figurine/planter/bowl/whatever that either is an elephant or has an elephant motif would be fun.

Does the space have one? Alternatively, does anyone have one I could borrow and pour?



I don’t have one yet but it’s on my list to purchase for white elephant gift exchanges. I want an ugly elephant planter though. This is almost exactly what I’m looking for but I want the mold. If you just want to glaze something that someone else poured, there are lots of elephant planters in bisque on eBay and I can ask around to see if any of the local ceramic shops if they have any elephants.


haha man, that is one ugly elephant. cute idea though :slight_smile: Not sure on just buying bisque, I’ll have to think on it


Yeah I always like to pour it myself - I generally won’t buy bisque. A local ceramic shop might allow you to pour your own if they have the mold. Check with the Kiln & I in Plano and M&W Ceramics in Garland. There are lots of cute low fire glazes if you end up buying the bisque.


I also vaguely remember a jungle flower pot in storage that probably has an elephant on it but it has other animals too.