Do Not Purchase From ONLINE METALS Grand Prairie

Do not purchase material from ONLINE METALS. Their will-call is at 3001 Alouette Dr #100, Grand Prairie, TX 75052.

I purchased 0.500 dia 303 s.s. solid bar stock from them.

A couple of weeks ago I machined several parts from this material on the Clausing.

Last night, I started to machine more parts and assemble the various components. As I started to assemble, parts were for some reason not fitting together! I noticed a burr on 1 part that looked strange. As I started to clean up this burr, the material started to peel back as 1 continuous chip. Would you know that the material was hollow…looks like it was drilled then capped over and/or joined to another piece of stock?

This is not the first time I have questioned the accuracy of my purchases from them.

Please post pictures.


If you still have the piece and the cert they gave with it, I’ll be happy to take it over to them at their office.

I’ve made many purchases and have never had a problem with them ThrysessenKrupp is a very responsible company and I’m sure they’d like to see this and will have it investigated. They sell too many materials with certs to ignore it.


Certs are very important in industry.
I think they will want to make it right.
The last thing they would want is a bad rep


More than that. They will trace that material lot to other customers and notify them as well as purge inventory or do NDT inspections. TK is a major supplier to aerospace and other companies that rely on material integrity - this kind of flaw is taken seriously. This is a serious material escape and their system will hunt it down.


thyssenkrupp is a big big company. and yes we do trace when steel is bad. definitely report it. this would undermine the safety of our elevators if not tracked. :wink: i get accident reports from all over the world because of how seriously we take safety.


We’re you able to able to resolve this issue @Will1?