Do I have to print in front of someone?

Hi if understanding the wiki right I need a perfect score on the learning test(which I do) and I need to print in front of someone to print on my own? Any clarification is appreciated.

If you want to come in today I will be there and can help you set up a print.


I can be there at 2:20 and it will be my first time there if it works for you

Probably closer to 3. I’m at the bank right now and it’s been taking forever. Been waiting 40 minutes and haven’t seen the banker yet…

No worries but I won’t have time before work, I have to be there at 4. But I am free tomorrow 11-4 tomorrow if you are still willing to help

Sure, tomorrow is fine.

Does 11 work for you?

I ended up giving up at the bank and got an appointment for 11am. I can be there at noon though

Sounds good thanks!