DMS Tour Weekend of 8/8


I’m relatively new to the DFW area- I’ve been interested in getting involved at the makerspace and was wondering if anyone would be willing to give a tour this coming weekend (either 8/8 or 8/9)? I see that current COVID protocols have canceled open houses/group tours but it looks like you can still do one on one tours. Reaching out here as I don’t currently have any personal connections for a one on one tour of the makerspace.

I’m looking to begin building a new set of speakers and have finally gotten around to reaching out.



I will be up there teaching a woodshop class from 10-12:30. Happy to meet you either before or after that class.



Nathan- thank you so much for the offer! It does not look like I have privileges to send PMs yet, but would love to take you up on the offer of a tour after your class at 12:30.

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