Dms:Soup? Anyone want to try micro funding/pitching maker projects


Last night I hosted an event called Lewisville Soup I’ve talked about it here before so I won’t bog down the talk with details - just look it up. We raised $530 for a veterans aquaponics group that will teach and serve homeless vets but the real beauty was that all the groups and individuals got to be heard in a community. It’s all micro funding (kinda shark tank with smiles) and it’s friggin awesome to see it work in real life.
Anyways, would people be open to considering a soup here at Makerspace. A baby tiny sharktank for maker projects? It would be a pot luck plus “donating” a fee at the door that will go to an individual at the end of the night. We could start small we could start big - whatever.
I have one under my belt, I feel like I could pull it off pretty well.

Ps I was so very thankful to see so many Makerspace members come out to help and support @Aneres helped me out so so so much by being the smile at the front door and the money master @Adam_Oas let me borrow speakers and a mic (so valuable) @Lampy actually presented his concept @jottwell financially backed the dinner, kenneth brought his weight in oyster crackers Kelly came to be a rockstar in her 3d printed hat Clayton brought some soup and was willing to do anything, Allen came! Ya Allen and he smiled! Jen helped me recount and count and count again all the ballets really quickly. Josh got lost but eventually found the dinner. So much maker support!

What do you think? Anyone down for dinner and idea and funding ideas together?



It looks very cool. Are you thinking strictly member to member funding or would you be looking for the organization to consider grants as well?

I think it could work both ways, but If we are considering grants then I think we would need to put a lot more process behind it to keep the books clean and avoid the appearance of conflict of interest.



Member to member - keep it clean and easy.

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Cool, I think it’s a great idea.

Could we record it and make it our own YouTube series? Could be nice for PR