DMS participants in Red Bull Soapbox race - 9/28/19

Red Bull Soapbox race (Dallas) is tomorrow 9/28. There are some DMS participants. Thanks to @jast for suggesting we move some existing posts to generate some additional visibility.


YES! Built entire car at DMS and designed in Fusion 360. Everything from the frame to the steering wheel was fabricated at DMS. Dynatorch was very extremely helpful and I definitely improved my MIG welding skills. Still struggling with aluminum on the TIG, but making progress. The huge oven worked great powder coating the lollypop red, polar white and lollypop blue! My kids are driver/passenger in the car and were featured on Fox 4’s Good Day show this morning. Here is a link to the show…my son is the driver, Bryce.

We would also appreciate your Facebook votes:

Many thanks to DMS for all the super cool toys and volunteers who keep everything running!


That’s freakin’ awesome! :+1:

Way to go! I just voted for you guys!


Great job! Got my vote as well!


Crappy little blogpost thrown together:

I have a version with @kbraby team’s info, as well, and will add that back in if/when I get the OK from him, as well as any other DMS members who provide some fodder (assuming I have time; nothing against YOU if I don’t get it done; not intentionally favoring @budman team :smiley: )

I’d love to see some stuff x-posted with @Team_PR and the social media mafioso… :wink:


Huh… I don’t think the math on their “countdown to event” timer is right…

Let’s see… current time, 14:13 Friday, 27 Sep…
Event, 11:00 Saturday, 28 Sep…
That’s… 24:00-14:13=09hours 47 minutes to get to Saturday, plus 11:00 MORE hours of Saturday to the event… Yeah. 5ish hours seems completely reasonable. Because the “days” segment is at zero. (Thank you Common Core!)

Wait, what? How can Ihelp?

We only cut the templates for the fenders at DMS, on the laser, but definitely a very makery endeavor.

Our team pages can be found at

Our entry is a 2.45:1 scale version of a 1950 General fire truck, the first one the city of The Colony ever owned for their then volunteer fire department.


One city sponsored ride has coroplast plastic fenders, cut with acrylic plastic templates cut on our lasers. But the frame was welded and construction done in a 20x30 bay at the city fleet services building.

If that is enough if a tie, we would love your votes. Please understand that with the city as the sponsor, we can’t plug DMS.


I’d love it if there were some pics/blurbs on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to promote the fact that we have some members who used some stuff @ DMS to get their entries into the Red Bull Soap Box Race 2019 DFW. If it were me, I’d start with excerpts of what I have in the blog entry (working on getting Kevin’s into into there) but with more pics from the sources Kevin and Bud have offered… Or at least links to the resources they’ve offered.

I watched the news story and that bomb pop racer is pretty awesome, but I have to pull for the guys in the salvation army bucket. Can’t let the Eagles fans win in Dallas, that would be blasphemous!

Seriously though, good luck and have fun. I’ll be anxiously awaiting the YouTube clips.

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Thank you @jast! Excellent article and really appreciate you taking time and putting all this together. We had a busy day today and thought it was great you took this and got it all completed. Everyone can watch on tomorrow.

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The Salvation Army bucket is in the pit space next to us. So I think it will run 2 ahead of us.

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That is amazing!

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Our intrepid heroes ln pit row…

3 Likes Frogger team with a great plug. Good show! I didn’t get a good shot of the run, but here’s their show

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Bomb pops racers at 34.8 seconds.
Lost a wheel at the end. All tens but one, a nine from Aaron Kaufman for not enough energy on the show…

All nines except Kauffman with an 8 for Smoke on the Water.
Missed their time. I’m not sure about their bodywork shedding on the course (presumably for weight saving?)…
It rained just for them.

A couple of “after party” shots