DMS “Maker Trade Day” proposal


I’ll be posting an agenda item for October that establishes a DMS “Maker Trade Day”

During Open House, Brian and I were in the Common Room talking about how the well the event was going. It didn’t seem like as many showed up this year as last year, but it seemed a bigger success for our members. It was much more organized and there was a LOT of member displayed products out showing what we could do. Many were very cool.

We started brain storming how to promote more of our members work this and DMS, we thought about how we could do something like a “Maker Trade Faire Swap Meet Day” a fund raising activity while promoting Makers. We played with the idea some more, thinking that it might have these characteristics. These are just very generalized thoughts we’re throwing out there.

• Limited to a set number days, we started with quarterly, then every three months, but probably felt twice annually would be best.
• Event would be open to DMS members as well as outside members.
• Items to be sold must be personally made objects, not resale of other someone else’s goods. The goal is to provide an outlet to feature Maker Made goods.
• One DayEvent, probably using Interactive and Lecture, depending on how many show up.
• We discussed how to make this “legal” in terms of any IRS requirements. This would be accomplished to a two-fold manner:

  • o Makers displaying goods would pay DMS for use of facilities. This could be done on a percentage of sales or by rental of tables/space. This would make it a legitimate fund raising event which Non-profits can engage in. Initial thinking probably leans towards tables/space fee as this is much easier to administer, keeps us completely out of the sale process, and we don’t have to track sales.
    o Making it open to outside makers, it would eliminates member enurement argument since it would be open.
    o Would great PR event for us since non-memebrs, primarily artesian types, belong to other groups and they’d be exposed to DMS while attending.
    • All proceeds would be payable to Dallas Makerspace - Maker Fellowship Fund. This would be a great way to fund this Fellowships and money would be coming from outside of Direct DMS funds.
    • If more than two general “trade faire days”, then maybe additional ones that are narrowly focused could be had for say Cosplay or Woodworking classes are also held that day.

Brian and I decided we would throw this out for the membership to discuss for input prior to it coming up at the Next BoD meeting. Lisa has supported us in creating this new category.

We thought we’d approach Nicole to provide guidance since we are providing funding for her to help develop our Maker Community and I think this would be a great way. (if she thought that extra funding was just altruism, she thought wrong).

Initial thoughts are for first one to be in early December so the holiday could be taken advantage of . To ensure this may happen I reserved two rooms for Dec. 9th. If the motion doesn’t pass I will release the rooms. So that’s the great mysterious calendar item.

Of course standard things defining what could/could not be sold: Handmade goods by THAT person. No food/beverage, fire arms, regulated substances, animals, etc.



Very much like this idea. It will take a lot of help to pull off well. There are several folks we can talk to who have done this before to get advise. Eduardo Millet did a mini makers faire in McAllen that was very successful. He visited us in July and would be happy to give us guidance.

[email protected]
Eduardo Millet
PhD Candidate – Management
Research Assistant - Entrepreneurship
University of Texas – Rio Grande



I think it could be very beneficial to the Space and individual members alike. Good PR, revenue for DMS to accomplish our goals, exposure and recognition for some of our artists and crasftspeople. Also shows people what we’re about, and what we make. And they can sell things, with no worries about the Tax man, if done correctly on the back end.

Could even invite outside makers to participate. A sort of DFW Make Sale.