DMS Internet speed

Been thinking of rejoining DMS. Just hardly have the time. My horrible home internet kills me sometimes on up / download speed for projects.

What kind of up / down speed can one get at DMS? Would this be WiFi? Wired? And available to the average subscribing member?

There are other things I want to do and see at DMS but I spent several years paying and not going. Might be back!

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500mb up and down. You can use wi-fi or plug in at various places. Common Room tables have ethnet throughout.

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As David pointed out its a dedicated 500MB in both uplinks. Mind you one would see different speeds whether their on a hard line or wifi. Just because of the type of technology and that ethernet is always faster than wifi.

Our latest speed test shows members when at the space and using ethernet have access to about 283Mbs


Mind you that usage of our services are bound by our acceptable use polices and that any use for illegal activity is not permissible. Gaming on the other hand; well there’s a lot here whom do eSports and VCC is seeking to create our own eSports team for the upcoming season.


The wifi at DMS is pretty solid in my experience - far better than you’re going to get from D-Link or Netgear. Of course, it’s wifi with the realities of frame loss, multiple-choice latency, multiple-choice connection speeds, and the noisy reality of 2.4 / 5 GHz spectrum.

Much to my mild chagrin, my present laptop doesn’t have an ethernet port and I’ve never bothered to workaround with a USB 3 ethernet dongle. Never been an issue at DMS (and even less so at home with mere 50Mb² service), however the varying DMS SSIDs and authenticating against them has occasionally been vexing.

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varying DMS SSIDs and authenticating against them has occasionally been vexing.

Its been simplified in recent efforts.

  • DMS Members: uses AD credentials
  • DMS Member: Uses plain text passphrase displayed in the Galley (yes I’m aware the name should be more DMS Public Access or something better)