DMS drives are DOWN! 12/1/18 - Resolved


Nobody can get to any drives and I have a project on there.


Same here. Waiting to export a vcarve file tonight.



When I click on that link it tells me I don’t have access to that topic.

NVM. Need member access. Though until then can someone tell me what the post says


I fixed your member access.

The post says it’s back up.


Thank you, John.

I’m finding as a member who only utilizes the space sporadically there have been a number of changes to systems and processes that I am behind the ball on.

Aside from wood tools is anything else now badge required? Lasers, auto lift, 3d printers?


Lasers do not required RFID badge, but continue to require sign-in to use the computer(s). Ditto 3D printers (I think). The auto lift doesn’t require it right now, but that’s a change that has been discussed.

Many tools in woodshop, machine shop and metal shop are either already RFID or migrating in that direction.


I took most of those classes a few years ago. Had Stan add me to the wood system. Still wouldn’t let me use it several hours later though I tried when the drives were down. Not sure if that had something to do with it.