Discussion of Machine Shop Safety Partition

So one of the thoughts I had was to use the steel posts we have on 8ft centers. We could then use u-bolts to attach short sections of unistrut to the poles. We could then either use the extended stick out of the u-bolts or use spring nuts in the unistrut itself to attach the material to the posts.

On the sheet steel we can put hem’s on the leading edges to keep the sharp edges at bay…


There’s a large sheet of lexan / polycarb in the old Mach Shop area. It’s behind the bolts / nuts / etc hardware drawers. It’s marked as belonging to Automotive (Motorsports?).

We have 27 of the posts that have a round base, 12 more with a square base. Each post is 2 1/2 inches in diameter and 7 foot long.

As far as other dimensions go, the total distance from the Fire Wall (down by the Colchester Lathe) to the end of Plastics is about 70 feet. We should keep a 5 foot aisle between the Fire Wall and the Colchester for a safety exit. Then we should keep another 5 foot aisle by the Bandsaw to separate Machine Shop and Plastics, another safety exit. These two entrances /exits will limit access to our area, no short-cuts.

Even if we used 4x8 ft sheets of plexiglass as a barrier and stood them up on end, the posts would have to be separated every 4 feet down the line. We have more than enough steel posts in house to do this. If you want these steel posts better separate them out onto a pallet and place the committee name on them before they disappear.


How about if we purchase a sheet of Plexiglas and fence post brackets and create a mock up of one section? Maybe get a sheet of plywood or metal as well and we could try some variations. The materiel sheets can always be used for something else.

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How about a 1 foot open gap at the bottom, 4x8 sheets of steel on their side, and 2x8 sheets of polycarbonate above? This gives room for ventilation, puts steel in the highest impact risk zone, and plastic viewing window from 5 to 7 feet above the ground.

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Who will clean these? Will they be far enough away to avoid coolant and oil splashe

Have to clean from time to time during shop events maybe.

However, there’s an opportunity here as well. We should take the scariest looking chucks of metal we can find and embed them into the Plexi. On Halloween we can add some strawberry jam …


To buy the sheet metal to go from the bandsaw to the end of the colchester is about $230. That’s providing we go 4x8 on the sheets, laying long side down. The anchors & u bolts are $55. The plexiglass is the variable I haven’t looked too far into, I figure if we buy local, we will save a lot on shipping. Round about pricing online is about 100$ a sheet 4x8.

As far as cleaning them, I’d agree on the cleaning events. Perhaps after some committee meetings. They wouldn’t be hard to take down & put back up.

If we do it out of sheet metal, maybe do something like other fund raisers with bricks: Buy a brick and have your name inscribed. Say divide the cost of a sheet by 3 and have your name plasma cut, 5 names per sheet. Then it pays for itself and and raises money for Machine Shop.


Allied Plastics has been great to work with in the past when I’ve needed to buy for Committees. They’re not far from the space.