[Discussion] Microsoft...​​​

…never ceases to be vexatious.

By some measures Azure is the top cloud service. Curious to know what Great Things are coming from Redmond I decided to sign-up and have a look.

After login…

Microsoft account is unavailable
Microsoft account is unavailable from this site, so you can’t sign in or sign up. The site may be experiencing a problem.
You can sign in or sign up at other Microsoft sites and services, or try again later at this site.

After logout…

This login.live.com page can’t be found
No webpage was found for the web address: https://login.live.com/logout.srf?response_type=code&client_id=51483342-085c-4d86-bf88-cf50c7252078&...obscenely large URL trimmed…

Lovely. No way to access my new Azure account.

I wonder if monopolistic practices are what put them in that top spot. And what the press is using to measure “top cloud service”.

Well, off to bed. No doubt tomorrow will bring another adventure.

Oh do I have stories about M$ Azure Platform. Had many similar issues as you as well as a broken provisioning system. It kept trying to spinup a very small app instance and generated $750+ in fees on a free trial account in 5 days. They blamed me for hosting a cache of questionable images. It didn’t even have any content whatsoever. The instance was up for about 2 seconds and then started to re-provision for 30-45 seconds. Would make the worlds worst webserver!

Don’t get me started on their k8s / docker offering… they cost my team a month of downtime.

The only good I can say about them:

  • Minecraft is a great game for modding and programming java or building redstone electronics
  • Halo is a great shooter
  • LinkedIn and GitHub are some of the better social networks out there

Wait, these are not microsoft is just stuff the did a M&A and haven’t completely broken. Which reminds me, M$ isn’t a software company anymore they’re a holding company for video game designers that target PC and XBox:

So anything else is still going to suck arse.