Dipping Glaze Inquiry


I knew I forgot something when I picked up my bisque and glaze pieces yesterday. Do we have any dipping glazes left? I’m looking to do only maybe one or two small pieces with blue rutile as I want to see how it looks with Trinity’s speckled clay. Just trying to figure out if it’s worthwhile bringing them up.


If none of the folks who know this off the top of their head answer before I get to the Space, I’ll look to see if there are any buckets sitting back there.


Thank you Beth, much appreciated! Just didn’t want to unnecessarily bring bisque tomorrow :slight_smile:


We have plenty of blue rutile left, a little more than a gallon. however the white snowflake crackle is down to about a cup. A good amount matte black due to its unpopularity. Hope it helps!


Every time I see this title I keep reading it as “Dipping Glaze Injury” which then leads me to trying to imagine various possible scenarios…


Yeah – it would take a really good imagination! I mean – glaze inhalation? Doesn’t sound particularly dramatic…