Diode Identification



I’ve got an SMT diode with the markings “T4” and “F3” (the latter smaller and rotated 90 degrees). I’ve been Googling and can’t determine if this is enough information to identify what these parts are.

I did find a 1N4148 with the marking “T4” but nothing to indicate whether this is the only part that would be expected to have that marking.

Any idea? Is there some standard for diode markings and if so, where could I find it? It’s notion mentioned in any of my references.



You can see here that there are quite a few parts with that marking. I’d figure out the package size next to help narrow it down, also you can check the forward voltage with a multimeter.



Matching records have been found
Code Partname Package Manufacturer Function
T4 IMT4 SMT6 ROHM n.a.
T4 MMSZ3V3T1 SOD-123 ON Fig.2
T4 BZX84-C2V7 SOT23 Nexperia (NXP, Philips) Fig.3
T4 1N4148W /BAV16W SOD-123 Diodes Fig.1
T4 1N4148WS /BAV16WS SOD323 Diodes Fig.1

Also http://www.dl7avf.info/charts/smdcode/

And http://www.marsport.org.uk/smd/mainframe.htm