Design Puzzle/Challenge for Multicam Users


There are lots of creative DMS folk who use the Multicam and I have challenge for you!

Storage of Multicam tooling, maintenance supplies, and other support material is in need of expansion.

Today we have this cart (,


a 5 gallon bucket, a back shelf on the CNC table bed, and a cluttered assortment of items under the table. In addition, we have the locking box for the remote on the wall.

Whatever we eventually come up with needs to work in the current location and transition to the post expansion location easily. (Current best guess on post expansion woodshop layout)

Here are a dozen “must haves” for the storage that should be available between the existing cabinet and whatever addition is made:

  1. A secure platform to hold the Multicam remote during use (or could be hung on a tool balancer reel)
  2. A secure, lockable storage space to hold the remote while the Multicam is idle.
  3. The rear shelf of the CNC table is no longer used for storage (making that space available for future CNC capabilities)
  4. Floor space under the table is reserved for spare spoilboards only.
  5. An easily accessible paper roll dispenser is provided for the 30" wide freezer paper used for vacuum masking.
  6. Wrench, collet and end mill/router bit storage is provided for tooling placed in service.
  7. End mill and router bit storage is provided for tooling being held in locked storage as replacement inventory.
  8. Storage is provided for lubrication supplies and other routine maintenance items.
  9. Holddown Helpers storage that minimizes curl/warp (approximately 13" x 24" MDF panels with one or more wood & bolt protrusions)
  10. Storage for misc. other supporting items like calipers, rulers, pencils, misc. tools, etc.
  11. Storage for spoilboard repair putty, double sided tape and edge banding
  12. Storage for vacuum gauges and vacuum pump filters.

I have assumed the top of the existing cabinet continues to be the home of the keyboard and the monitor. That’s not locked in stone if someone has an even better idea.

Looking for all the 12 items to be covered, for it to be user friendly, affordable, pleasing to the eye, and prompt users to put things away by being intuitive in concept. I would call that a daunting task for most organizations, but with the talent that walks the halls at DMS … all very doable!

Thank you in advance for your input.
Bert Rabbe
Multicam SIG Leader


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