Delivered - Dust Collector for Plastics SIG

I delivered the Dust Collector for the Plastics SIG. It is located in the warehouse near the other Plastics tooling. It has a tag that specifies that it belongs to Plastics. A very nice machine with minimal mileage.


Is this tool really going to be used? I predict that it will just sit around the Makerspace, collecting dust.


Is this the collector for the Shapeoko 3? Thats a nice tool. If it’s limited to plastic and composites only that will limit usage somewhat perhaps. If it opens up to other materials usage would be higher.

Only time will tell but my prediction is that it will create more dust than it gathers :grinning:

All I know was that the Plastics SIG needed a dust collector and this unit was donated to DMS. How or where it is to be used is up to the Machine Shop to determine.