Delivered - Any Interest in 19" Non-Wide Flatpanel Monitors?

I have these 2 monitors sitting around my house, and I need for them to sit somewhere else (and they will be by next Saturday).
They work, but they haven’t been plugged up in a while, so I might be glossing over any flaws. The Viewsonic was “being weird” per my wife, but we don’t really remember what that meant.
I’ll bring them up sometime this week if there’s any interest.


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I could use a VGA monitor actually… I can meet you this week at the space. Would prefer the Dell but hey I’m not choosey.

Sent PM :blankspace:

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Can I use one as a poor mans rack kvm monitor for digital media?

You betcha. I left the Viewsonic on the Members Exchange shelf on Monday night. The Dell was taken by another member.