Decking the aluminum slab

So I finally made it in today and was able to deck the haas table sub-plate. HOWEVER,
the slab is approx 34" and the hass only has 30" of X axis movement. So while I decked everything I could it should be noted that those extra 2" on each end are high spots that would affect anyone trying to do a workpiece larger than 30" in that it might bow in the center. For our vise that is plenty of room.

I should add that the two high spots were already there from previous deckings, just now it is more.


Thank you for doing this.

While you’ve got it handy, can you put the G-Code up on the machine shop share, or send it to @TBJK? We may want to make it part of our once every few years PM, or if the table gets abused.

I’ll have to create one. Fusion was acting up and created some crap code that kept alarming out so I just hand coded it on the fly in MDI mode but it does sound like something that should be saved off.