Deal on Titebond III Wood Glue @ Lowe's


Certain Lowe’s stores have 10oz. Titebond for sale for 1.79. I got a few from the Flo Mo Lowe’s bought online to pick up in store. Some stores are the normal 6.00. Just click around and find a store near you to maybe snag the deal?
Stocking stuffer to yourself? Idk.


Well gee wiz, even the regular price is strikingly different between Flower Mound ($2.99) and the Dallas stores ($5.98) that I checked.


And the one near me here in Carrollton doesn’t carry 10oz, goes 4, 8, 16. (8oz is $5.98)


Is your older brother’s name Wally, by any chance?


Be careful on light woods. It will stain them if you do not sand off after dry. If you do not need water repellent use II instead.


My favorite joke: if I was an SOB, I’d have a son and name him Apollo…


Lowe’s is closing some stores and reducing inventory company-wide. Perhaps the Flower Mound store is on the chopping block?