Dead PetNet Feeder

I am now an IoT widow. PetNet went out of business and now my automated feeder is a useless paperweight. They did not give the courtesy of dumping their info into Open Source. Before I toss it, does anyone want it?

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I would love to tinker with this if you don’t mind.

FYI - This might work for you!

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@yashsedai You are welcome to it if you want to pick it up. I live in Plano at GB and Independence. PM me for my address.

Yes, the Allen’s cloud is a solution, but does not fit my needs. This won’t tell you if the hoper is empty, going to be empty soon, misfeeds, or drops the internet connection. Not a big deal for everyday life, but the whole point of it was for when I’m not home. Removing the need to feed the cats daily greatly reduces the number of favors I have to ask when we are gone.

I switched over to the PetSafe version. These products are typically cheap and “just good enough”, but the feeder has surpassed my expectations.

@yashsedai Let me know if you want to pick it up…otherwise it goes in the trash Thursday evening…

Clayton, after more reading, trash seems the winner.

Thanks for offering!

Time to watch Married to the Mob and re-create Matthew Modine’s cat feeder :smiley:

Clayton, I wouldn’t mind playing with it…

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@mdredmond, @apparently_weird already asked for dibs on it…

No worries. I don’t need another project anyway I guess… I was gonna make a remote treat dispenser + webcam out of it.

This item has been claimed.