De-pinning this connector

Hi all. I’m trying to finish a ceiling fan installation, but it seems like one of the male pins is not right. Would anyone know how to de-pin this? If I cannot de-pin it, I’m returning the fan, so I cannot simply cut the wires.

I’m guessing the cylindrical keys from a set like this are what you’re looking for:

Yeah. I’ve got a set of those. Either I’m not using it right, or I don’t have a tubular one small enough.

I’ve pushed the little retaining pins back through with ultra thin long nosed pliers and also with some tiny jewelers screwdrivers.

I wouldn’t do that if I had to do more than a handful, but for one offs, you can do it with enough light, magnification, and patience.

Also, you may be able to find the version of molex connector from DigiKey or Mouser. That will tell you what size tool will remove the pins.


That looks like a micro-fit 3.0 plug. Molex sells these


You might be able to find the parts with a short drive over to Altex.