DC Tig welding basics July 25

I am a new member trying to register for Randy Lisbona’s Tig basics— on Sunday. I am currently registered for Hot Process Safety —on Saturday—the day before Tig Basics. I have past experience but not recently and have gloves, darkening helmet, and safety glasses.

Take the hot process class Saturday and come to metal shop after the hot process class about 4 If you have Tig experience for quick overview class, or come to Sunday Tig class in case there is an opening.

$10 donation to metal shop in the kiosk by the metal shop door

Saturday Hot process may not be over til 4:30. Will come to metal shop as soon as she releases us.

See you Saturday—

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A normal, straight-through HPSC takes a little less than an hour. If students start chatting and throwing in NSTIW stories, it can run over, so I request the room for that extra 1/2 hr.

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I would like to show up in case a spot opens up. I am working with Rlisbona to become a welding instructor. If this is not possible I will try another time.
Jim :slightly_smiling_face:


Randy, I tried to sign up for Sunday’s Tig class, but got a notification that I needed to take the Welding and Hot Process Safety prerequisite. I’m signed up to take Beth’s (@dryad2b) class tomorrow.
Will I be able to take the Tig class on Sunday (if I take Saturday’s class?).
I haven’t taken the Mig class, so won’t be terribly upset if I need to sit this one out.

FWIW, I did take a Hot Process class a few years ago, so I could use the Induction Heater…I thought it covered all hot processes, but maybe not.

Cheers and thanks to both of you for being an Instructor!

Well, I’m starting to wonder if theres something wrong with the system.
I took the Hot Process Safety class with @hon1nbo 2 years ago but when I tried to sign up for the TIG class for Saturday, it told me that I needed to take the Hot Process Safety first.
Which, again, I did two years ago…:man_shrugging:

I’ll check maybe I put wrong prereq on the class, i won’t be home till later tonight

The class/prereq looks good.

Looks like the class didn’t get marked for AD. Now that we know, Tails can fix, or knows who to bump to get it done.

I don’t think the Blacksmithing Induction Forge classes typically crossover to Metal Shop Hot Process, but I could be wrong. Of those I could see attended by David Steele, none included that AD group fulfilment.


Yeah – you must’ve taken it before the system got set into place. I don’t see you in list.

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The hot process class isn’t related to any of the blacksmithing equipment; blacksmithing 101 is its own thing.

I probably forgot to tag the class; I can fix it when I get back to a computer

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That being said, @rlisbona I want to claim the last spot for this Sunday’s Tig class.

I added you to the AD group a few minutes ago; should take effect shortly.

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Thank you!

Just registered for the class.
Thanks for all the help!

Randy, I don’t know if you saved a space for me in Sunday’s Tig class but I can wait til later. Looks like you have people waiting in line for it. My current projects don’t require it. Still want to connect with you in the metal shop after Hot Process Safety today.


Um…I’m not Randy, lol!

Let me tag him for you, @rlisbona