DAYMAKERS - Acrylic Painting for absolute beginners (2/22/19)


I have just submitted a class for Acrylic Painting for Absolute Beginners on 2/22/2019 for DAYMAKERS. Sign-ups will open up in a few days, so make sure to check back (or comment here and I will add a reminder when the registration opens).

We will be painting A Dragonfly at Twilight (see below). Special attribution to The Art Sherpa, an artist who created and is graciously allowing us a free license to use her tutorial for this class. Find her on Youtube for other great painting tutorials.

If all goes well with this class I will be providing a second class with this tutorial on either a night or weekend class in March. My hope is that I will be able to begin providing tutorials either monthly or every other month depending on my availability and student interest.


Sign me up!!!


No painting a little tree and his other tree friend? Lol


Well, here’s the thing. Bob Ross is so well known that most people don’t need to be introduced to him. I’d rather focus on other tutorial artists who are lesser known but have great content on Youtube for students to try on their own after they’ve gained confidence. I might do one of his eventually, though.


I would like to come to this too! Any possibility of making it an at or after 7pm class? Can we bring wine?


My plan would be to do either a night class (at 7pm) or a weekend class, depending on my availability. I’m not sure yet which I’ll be able to do for March. Right now I’m considering Saturday, March 2nd since I’ve already committed to being up there for another class.

Any kind of beverage or snacks would be welcome! Some people paint better after they’ve - ahem - loosened up a bit.


I am interested in this class and have been scanning the calendar for it to be listed. Any ETA on when it will be open for registration? Thanks


I posted it Friday night, so it should be open tonight I believe.


The class registration is live!


Signed up!!!


Any plans to do another one of these classes? It was full by the time I went to sign up!