Day Pass / Help?

I need access to a hydraulic press for about 20 minutes. Is there a day pass / hour pass I can buy?

Or could someone help me out? Trying to straighten out a slightly bent piece of tube steel.


Someone may be able to help but we do not have day passes.

We have day passes, they are $60 and good for 30 days :wink:


Hah. If the space was a smidge closer to my home or office… I’d spring for a membership.


@rllguitar Thanks for posting. Glad to have you join talk.

One thing that should be said is that one’s Makerspace membership is not like a gym or library membership. One does not be a customer of the makerspace.

A membership, in addition to tools, space, and equipment, grants one a voice into the operations of the makerspace and is like a badge in a fraternal organization or being an active part of a public community project.

This is because being a maker isn’t just about democratizing access to tools and equipment or solely DIY projects. It’s about being a part of a global community of like minded individuals that are fed up with consumerism and want to make something that they can be proud of saying they had a hand in its creation.

That said, Dallas Makerspace does offer a discounted membership called the starving hacker rate:

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Where in the Metroplex do you live? There are other Makerspaces in the area. This list (circa 2016) is a little dated, but gives you some options to try out.

FWIW, I live/work 34 miles from DMS and still find value in being a Member.

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I’m in the White Rock area. Love the idea of being part of DMS, but in reality… would rarely be able to make it onsite. Got a newborn and he takes up most of my freetime.

I’m working on restoring 3 vintage mopeds (60-70’s era) in the very little spare time I have. I literally run into the garage each night while my wife is in the shower… wrench on the bikes… and then run back inside to give the wifey some quality time.

Was hoping DMS would have a press I could use one day over lunch to straighten out some slightly bent fork tubes… but alas… it is not in the cards. I’ll use my trusty old torch and some leverage to get them straighter than they are now.

Here’s your solution. If you have an expertise in a field or project that would interest our members as a class subject, then with the permission of the chair of that department you could teach a class and earn a small honorarium (sp?) that you could apply toward membership. As the guest of that chair (who is a member), if he so elects, then together you might be able to do your small job.

I don’t know whether the machine shop or auto shop controls our 50 ton hydraulic press or if it would be up to the job, or what other tools you would need. We’ve got a machine that press-fits bearings in, and maybe that’s the right tool for this job.

If you teach two classes a month, then the cost of your membership is free. If you teach more, then you’re profiting yourself and the 'space.

Good luck.

P.S.: If your wife is also a maker, then you two can join at the family rate, which is cheaper. We do have some stuff here which tends to appeal more to women than men, but to prevent myself from being labeled as sexist, I won’t tell you which ones they are.

I actually discourage this as a practice. The spirit of our honoraria at DMS is not to supplement income, which then can be used to pay bills (e.g., monthly dues at DMS). Rather, it is a token thank you for promoting DMS via teaching classes to advance the concept of ‘making’ and sharing skills along the way.

We’ve had problems in the past with the mentality that honoraria are a dependable ‘source of income’. Please don’t view it that way.


That’s a good argument for having better control over the quality of classes that we offer. If a class isn’t worth the money, then we shouldn’t pay it. I never really understood why we don’t have variable honorarium rates in the discretion of the chair of the department.

Good classes and tools are the heart of the space. The more great offerings we have, the better. A member’s time and expertise have value, and I’m happy that we reward people who contribute above and beyond the minimum. The value of someone’s teaching services has little to no relationship to the amount we charge them in dues.

Another challenge is committees having more limited number of honorariums available

Just modify David’s solution to use Eventbrite and charge whatever you want. If they like it they will come.
You’ll still need a chairperson or member to sponsor your class so you can at least get in.

I’d like to sum up this thread… is the largest resource for makerspaces/hackerspaces.

From what one can tell the closest one to you would be McKinney or thelabs neither at last check, approx 18mos, had the light industrial capabilities Dallas makerspace has. There’s even a few in Oklahoma, Texarkansas, and Shreveport.

We’d love to have you as a member but if the drive is bit much and you happen to be lucky to have about 8 to 16 like minded individuals then one is in a good place to start a makerspace out in White Rock.

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