Dallas Makerspace Zine

Hi guys,

I’m putting together a zine for the space that’s going up all over the metroplex and getting it published in google play. Right now Its pulling content from the website but we need article submissions and cover art ASAP.

This is a great chance for the membership to get their voice heard, have their creations shown to the world and even publish a bit of their tips to fellow makers.

PM me your articles or cover art, the dead line for submissions each month is the day before each BoD meeting.


Good luck!
I hope this is your passion, because that is the only way this is going to happen month after month.


Thanks @Nick for your kind words. While I may be passionate about a lot of things, some of them more niece than others, I feel this is something that we can get a community to build around.

As it stands we already have a lot of great makers contributing to dallas makerspace and alot of that gets featured already on our website. Its not that much extra effort to combine with the monthly newsletter to produce a zine.

While your right in a way that just as all projects; it does take a core dedicated group to get the ball rolling but just like the great Katamari ball, once it rolls it will grow from there.


I see you are not trying to do a real news letter. You are wanting to publish the Show and Tell thread in another format like we do on the blog?

Yes, actually we are discussing doing the real newsletter in this format and while at this point yes the “show and tell” plus other curated articles on our blog is being pulled in to the zine.

At the high level I do see this can be a bit more.

Nick, Let me invite you to the convo.

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This 100%. I was asked to help produce a church newsletter because I knew how to use all the programs. I quickly realized that publishing a monthly newsletter was quite a drag, regardless of my expertise in putting clip art in just the right place.


@Team_PR and @Team_Printmaking This is the digital version of the zine planning board.

Some of the cards on there are just for getting an idea of how to use this but let’s grab a time together and hash out a few ideas.

@denzuko this is very cool! PR is having a big meeting today at 2 to set goals for the year, and I don’t know if it’s too late to add this as an agenda item.

You might try emailing this as a proposal of what you want PR and other volunteers to do, and include any funding request that goes along with it.

PR is trying to centralize communication through our DMS gmail accounts to keep everything in one place on Google Drive documents.

If you need an address, please pm me.


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I’ve spoken with Dwight (he’s a superstar volunteer!) and agreed that this as a PR item that we’d like to get some volunteers for. We might not have time to get in depth into it today, as our meetings are specifically for finance and social media, but I’ll be happy to mention it at the beginning and start socializing the idea for when we get our basic protocols locked down.

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