Dallas Makerspace Show & Tell - September 2019

So I setup 6-axis robotic arm milling in Virtual Reality today because I got fed up with Fusion 360s automatic toolpaths and RoboDKs navigation with the mouse to move the thing around. This way I should be able to just teach robots to make “Safety Poles” and Disco balls with the 6 axis VR controllers instead of the stupid 2D mouse, stupid RoboDK & stupid Fusion. It’s also super good at inspecting paths.


these are fantastic! wonderful job. :clap:

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cool! Just saw this design made it into the Sept. newsletter from Vectric. They’ve also reposted some of my inlay work in their twitter feed.

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Daffy Duck inspired headphone hanger printed with my new Form 2 3D Printer as I test out its capabilities (same as one @ DMS). Original model from Thingiverse that I remixed to hollow out and make compatible with SLA printing.

Check it out here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3865482

Printing Specs:
Resin: Grey v4
Layer Height: 50 microns
Layers: 1830
Resin Used: 98.5 ml
Elapsed Time: 14h 6m


Thrown on the wheel in ceramics, with crushed “turquoise” inlay in a cholla cactus handle with a clear resin finish.


Here’s my rendition of a SLA wash station for removing uncured resin from SLA 3D printed parts. Like the FormLabs Form Wash, it is essentially just a magnetic stirrer; unlike the FormLabs, it costs less than $100. I bought the magnetic stirrer and stir sticks on Amazon, took it apart and made the new base for it to fit perfectly with the plastic container. The polycarbonate container was also bought on Amazon and sourced to fit the orange 3D ABS printed adapter that supports the Form 2 build platform. The adapter was printed on the PolyPrinters from a Thingiverse model (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2757630).

I designed the wash station base in Fusion 360 and cut it out on the Multicam CNC router from 1/2" MDF. The front panel was laser cut and etched on the Donner laser cutter.

Here’s a video of it in action: https://youtu.be/S8rJPwVMkYI


Those are really cool Steve!

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That’s an interesting build, but how do you keep the magnetic stirrer from hitting your parts? Did you also print a small rack that sits atop (i.e., spans) the stirrer?

The parts are cleaned while still attached to the build platform so they are just suspended into the IPA like so:


Thanks Christy!

Tonight, I took @itzazero’s Illustrator for the vinyl cutter class. I had a good time creating this guy:


nice! thanks for taking the class and thanks for teaching me something! :slight_smile:

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I did forget to add the picture of the Acrorn lug nut in the lathe. This is the new tool holder I used to put chamfers on the edges.


Next time I see you I need more about that width tool thingie. While I found it, all I got was the international “no” symbol. :thinking:

I’m making a professor mcgonagall outfit for Halloween
I am using my new mold making skills with my growing resin confidence to recreate her brooch.
The “inlays” are curing right now, but I’m almost done and impatient :blush:


Slip casting class combined with hand building and glazing classes

And I just took the silhouette cameo heat press vinyl class and was able to re-do a dye sub experiment on a too-cottony shirt <3


Forgive the poor lighting. A little something just in time for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Inlay heart and ribbon.
Red Oak, Mesquite, Figured Maple and African Pink Ivory Wood. 18"x18". cheers!


Nick was this done on the CNC or with the laser. The marquetry work look beautiful. I especially love the pink ivory.

thank you. all the pieces were cut on the CNC. each piece was 1/4" thick.
The entire pallet is then adhered to a 1/2" thick plywood backing.

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Nice touch on the ribbon wrap. Well done!