Dallas Makerspace Show & Tell - November 2018


That looks super cool, especially back lit. Is there anything on the mountain bits to pad them so you can sit up in bed?


My first metal project so far. A HUGE thank you to @malcolmputer for assisting with the welds. I learned very quickly into this project that I am terrible at welding. I did do the design, cut the metal, and attempted to do the welding (did 3 out of 24 before we agreed he should finish). The tray is going to hold two 8x12 Himalayan salt blocks for salt block grilling, so I needed something that wouldn’t rust and would hold 25 lbs of salt.


No padding built in, I just use an additional pillow.


This is really stunning visually, I’d be afraid those points on the wood might end up leading to injury.


We made the wood on the laser in one of @talkers John’s Classes, the thunder laser 205 class. I just came here and finished them up after clear coating them. We’ll see how they look on the wife.


Thanks to @heyheymama during laser office hours we made this for a Thanksgiving party…


Did the scrubby pad smooth the texture?


Yes it did! Still a little rough, you’d notice it as will I, but I bet no one else does …! I cut the settings out onto a piece of cardboard and left it in the test glass there for future…Thanks again.


Those pillows don’t look like they were jointed/planed quite square…“F”!

j/k…it’s beautiful work.


DND … Dragons & Dragons! Knitted winter scarves for my two toddler (grand)nephews who live in the wintry land of Chicago.

The fleece teeth and eyes were laser cut.


I made this in the ice cream scoop turning class this past weekend that @Lordrook gave. Time to start squirreling away the Christmas presents!


I thought I would show the lips that my wife made with the clay from open house. She has since refined & painted them. She has also made something else but I don’t believe its right to post those. Not PG-13 if you will.
Day of the open house.


wonderful work


The lips is AWSOME!


I got a request to make a wood box to hold a watch. The buyer said it was for her best friend who’s father has recently passed. It’s not my normal kind of project but she had 2 previous woodworkers flake out on her and I didn’t want her to have to keep searching. I want to thank @richcase and @bethaboo1225 for assistance on the lasers!


I took a hammer making class with Brent Bailey (http://www.brentbaileyforge.com) through the North Texas Blacksmiths’ Association and made, well, a hammer. Its called a “modified” hammer with a rounding face on one side and a flat face on the other. It was a great class.




Beautiful woodwork and your lazering really came out well…


So in attempt to knurl my bearing surface on my Locker (gear carrier) It is a slip fit now. I turned down 2” round stock, down to 1.550, tapered it to give a live center some place the sit since the knurling takes some force. I went to chuck the locker/carrier in the lathe & the damn thing wouldn’t fit in the chuck. Yes it would fit in the 10” 4 jaw, but the jaws stick out too far & hit the ways. Even the larger lathe had smaller chucks. I then went ahead & made some bearing press plates with relief for the bearing cage.


It was fun listening to Tim explain to his son and show him the how and why of what the parts and tools are meant to do. Also teaching him how to a 10,000ths mic and a dial caliper (probably the first analog tool he’s ever used). Then making the parts.

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