Dallas Makerspace Show & Tell - June 2018

Post a picture and description of anything you are working on this month at the 'Space here!

It can be anything from a small craft project to a large CNC router project to building a table to 3D printing to a science experiment and so much more. There are lots of people doing cool things at DMS all the time, but most of us don’t get to see it. Post it here and share the interesting things you are doing at Dallas Makerspace this month!

There are many wonderful projects that can be seen on last month’s Show & Tell, visible at this link.

Posting here helps not only promote Dallas Makerspace, but could inspire others to make something. It will also help PR post a monthly look at what can be done here on a blog post (with attribution to each maker of course).

:bulb: NOTE: Please try to include the following on each post, to help make for richer blog content!

  • a decent QUALITY photo
  • a notation about WHAT you’ve made
  • WHO you are (for attribution on the blog)
  • HOW you’ve made it
  • and WHY

I built a foldable board gaming table top!

Base is a 8x4’ piece of 1/2" plywood, cut in half so it would fit in the car. Further trimmed down to two 2.5’x4 halves on the CNC Router which also made the corner embellishments and the insets for the hinges and mat. Finished with two coats of Varathane Stain + Seal. Mat from Gamematz (3x4’).


Nice job. ,

Three little rabbits, reviving some old knitting skills. The yarn is soft and a little fuzzy. Many thanks to @kyrithia who consulted on yarn advice (these will be toys for my toddler niece/nephews).

01 IMG_7143b_1200px

03 IMG_7140a_1200px


I’m not really pleased with this turnout but I’m showing it to let everyone know sometimes things just don’t turn out to plan. Learning opportunities if you will.

This really is a “small little nothing” my son has a Cub Scout day camp coming up and along with it they exchange small little tokens. We need somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 items apparently. We finally decided on Cub Scout pins. I did this all quick and cut a ton out last night on some leather I had intended for another purpose. For what they are - a little token of friendship and bartering - they will be ok. My son will be dying them this weekend to spruce them up unless I have a tizzy and redo the whole thing. I wanted to raster but it just looked like a mini fireball. I played around with the laser settings but I just couldn’t get it to chill out - it fried as it went. I tried wetting it as suggested on talk. My entire bag stinks like hair. Hahah good times. Thanks to @mreynolds for some pointers.



I can see these receiving lots of love. Very cute.

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My notes (for 3-4 oz vegtan) say 100 speed/0.5 power for etch and 100 speed/50 power (perhaps higher) for cut.

To minimize burning, I soak the leather well (much wetter than casing) then blot off any excess moisture before cutthing. This also helps the leather lay flat.

Washing the leather a 2nd time and scrubbing the edges lightly with a scrubby sponge eliminates most of the burning hair aroma - setting them out in the shade with a breeze for 24 hours takes care of the rest.


Love how those turned out!

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jerrychocsamIMG_5049jerry2Chocolate molds with the vacuum form!


Where is the Standard Banana so we get a sense of scale?


Bunnies ate’em. Bunnies eat EV’RTHANG!


Finished a few pieces today.


Padauk, walnut, and maple end grain cutting board.


Walnut sofa table. @jeffbob was able to source this beautiful piece of wood for me. Ended up almost 8’ long and 18" wide.


Those are beautiful! Nice job.

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That is one scary bunny…


Team Machine Shop We need to define what the Standard Reference Banana is (in inches of course) and have an artifact (plastic, wood, metal … the SI Kg Bar is in Paris) on display in the Machine Shop. Get the other committees to adopt as the “Official DMS Photographic Standard”. It can be borrowed for photographing when precision referencing is required! It will truly become a Maker quantity. I can see other Makerspaces wanting to borrow it to calibrate there system to the source banana.


Should that Reference Banana need bling, I know someone… :innocent:



Came back to Dms and chilled the power on the lasers along with sizing up the whole image and had much better results (see the other pile). As a whole, it was a really good learning experience for us and the little had a blast making them colorful (I tried to have him follow my aesthetic but he has his own drums and direction). Swaps done for camp next week!
Thanks @apparently_weird for pointing at things and telling me to slow my roll.



Laser cut Dymaxion world map, originally designed by R. Buckminster Fuller.

1/8” Lasercut birch plywood, blue Sharpie, and 3D printed connectors inside each corner.


Nice! On an unrelated note I have those same drinking glasses! I swear that design has been around for at least 25 years.

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